Founded and Developed in Norway

IPCO AS was established early 2011 by experienced executives from the telecom industry, seeking to enable new telecom business models and revenue streams through smart innovation and advanced business development.

The owners and employees are a highly skilled team with unique telecom knowledge in all key areas to ensure a predictable development timeline and operational excellence.

In 2015 IPCO aquired Norwegian consultancy firm Morecom AS, adding competancy and capacity to further develop and deliver our services.

Disruptive Telecom Business Model and Patent Filed Technology

IPCO AS has an industrial approach with B2B relationship model – building value for operators rather than consumer brand. We offer a cloud-based managed service called IPCO Cloudfone™. The service offers integrated Wi-Fi calling and traditional mobile telephony service using the users existing mobile number. IPCO Cloudfone™ enables new revenue streams, reduces operational costs for MNOs, MVNOs and SPs and lets mobile operators take back the initiative from OTT players.

IPCO Cloudfone™ had its global launch at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona.