The IPCO Cloudfone architecture is common for both IPCO Cloudfone SIM Secured Wi-Fi Calling and IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service:

Blue components are provided by IPCO as part of the service or as an integration when initiating the service. Grey components are part of the service delivery, but provided by the mobile operator or smartphone vendor. Blue arrows show main interfaces. The interfaces needed between IPCO and the mobile operator varies with the chosen service and options for a given implementation.

The total IPCO Cloudfone™ service contains a SIP server, an IN service, a SMS over IP gateway, a voice mail integration and a PSTN gateway as well as security management, call data records, presence and provisioning provided as a managed service. On the subscribers handset IPCO delivers an IPCO Cloudfone™ SIM Applet and the IPCO Cloudfone™ App for our IPCO SIM Secured Wi-Fi calling.