IPCO Cloudfone SIM Secured Wi-Fi Calling: Secured voice and messaging on any smartphone.

The IPCO managed service offering cover two distinct services with a number of options available to both services. Our services are targeted to mobile operators; Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and Service Provider (SP) alike.

 IPCO Managed Service options

IPCO Managed Service options

Our two main services, IPCO Cloudfone SIM Secured Wi-Fi Calling and IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service, may be deployed stand-alone or combined. The same goes for all our add-on services to the main products. The mix of services applicable for a given mobile operator depends on the set of functionality required and the level of core network functionality available.

IPCO Cloudfone SIM Secured Wi-Fi Calling enable mobile operators to offer secured mVoIP calling either on top of, in addtion to or as a replacement of the exisiting GSM offering. Combined with Cloudfone Wi-Fi First, our solution off-loads all originating and terminated calls from the GSM network to any IP network the end-user connects to.

IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service enable mobile operators with multi-national operations or alliances of operators to offer a cost effective local breakout service in a visiting country while retaining the end-users home number. IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service implements a SIM-secured network service, managing subscriber mobility between mobile & wireless networks. Combined with IPCO Cloudfone GSM Fallback our IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service offer a comprehensive solution covering all call scenarios.

As addons to either of the main services, IPCO offer

  • IPCO Cloudfone SMS - SMS over IP, both originated and terminated SMS to/from any GSM end-user.
  • IPCO Cloudfone Voice Mail - A fully integrated voicemail service tied to the end-user providing functions through a DMTF interface.
  • IPCO Cloudfone Global Routing - Global routing of outgoing calls from the Cloudfone subscriber can be offered for mobile operators without own interconnect agreements or mobile operators that see a benefit in offering an alternative global interconnection service.