IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service

Cloudfone Visitor Service offers end-users the ability to be available on local telephone numbers in several countries simultaneously and at the same time use a local subscriber identity for accessing the mobile network in the visited country without the need to replace the SIM-card in the mobile device. 

IPCO aim to help mobile operators implement frequent traveler consumer solutions with “one stop shop experience” through one single home-operator SIM. Mobile Operators can gain new revenues from offering presence on local telephone number in foreign countries to their local subscribers. Local presence including a local telephone number can be added to the existing subscription in their home country. IPCO delivers the service to the mobile operators through a roaming hub solution. 
The IPCO roaming-hub solution is offered with an enhanced local presence service concept. Mobile operators will gain revenues from incoming calls & messages on Visitor subscription local phone numbers in its country.

The IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service keep track of the subscriber as the subscriber identity changes. Even if the subscriber is not available on his home mobile subscription, incoming calls on his home mobile subscriber telephone number is routed to the active local subscription identity in the currently visited foreign mobile network.

Mobile originated calls from a local subscription in a foreign network is directed to the home mobile operator with the home subscription mobile telephone number as the calling-line-identifier.
The multiple subscription on single SIM provisioning process gives mobile operators a unique opportunity to offer local access in foreign mobile networks. The subscriber can add local access subscriptions in foreign countries to his existing SIM-card. When the subscriber travels to the foreign country, the subscriber will use his local subscription for the duration of the stay. 

A SIM-card can store and manage credentials for up to 10 mobile operators, depending on the SIM-card memory size. Typical applications are frequent business travelers with one or a few destinations added to his home mobile operator subscription, tourists with several months in the same foreign country every year and temporary local access subscription for people visiting a foreign country for some weeks.

The IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service provides calling-data-records for voice call minutes originated and terminated in foreign mobile networks as well as presence information that enables local presence billing. IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service collect data traffic records for the visitor subscriptions and re-distribute this information to the Home-operators based on their subscriber’s usage.