IPCO Cloudfone™ is a SIM-secured Wi-Fi Calling service
for Mobile Operators


IPCO Cloudfone™ offers VoIP delivered as a managed service to mobile operators, target customers include Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and Service Provider (SP).

The IPCO Cloudfone™ service gives the end-users a mobile telephony service where preferred call setups are over Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is unavailable, call setup is on legacy GSM. The service interworks with the legacy GSM voice service so that the user maintains his mobile telephone number regardless of access method.

The user uses his normal smartphone with an IPCO enabled SIM card; the user invokes the service using SIM authentication methods. There is no need to enter usernames or passwords.

The service provides the Mobile Network Operator with a voice service working seamlessly on all access types 2G/3G/LTE and Wi-Fi.



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