VoIP on the mobile number (mVoIP)

IPCO Cloudfone™ offers mVoIP as a managed service for MNOs and MVNOs, integrated with the operators mobile core-nets without an expensive upgrade to IMS and LTE core net services. This differentiates IPCO Cloudfone™ with quick deployment and low CAPEX requirement. Unlike an IMS/LTE Core Wi-Fi calling solution, the end users can use their existing handsets; rendering the service usable for the waste majority of the subscriber base.

IPCO Cloudfone™ offers integrated Wi-Fi calling and traditional mobile, enabling calling over Wi-Fi using the users existing mobile telephony number when the users have Wi-Fi coverage.

IPCO Cloudfone™ is a SIM-secured OTT service for mobile operators. Distribution of the
IPCO Cloudfone™ SIM-card applet controlled by the mobile operator enables the service on the mobile device; generating user credentials for accessing the service without the necessity of HSS integration. This method ensure user authentication with the same level of security as in GSM legacy services.

mvoIP as a Value-Add-Service for mobile originated calls

The IPCO Cloudfone™ App offers an easy to use user interface with clear distinctions between GSM calls and mobile-VoIP (mVoIP) calls. In contradiction to the preconfigured 3GPP / IMS / integrated native dialler in the mobile device Wi-Fi calling solution, the end-user will make the choice whether to use Wi-Fi or GSM for outgoing calls. In this way, the mobile operator has the important mean to compete with the OTT-players by being able to offer low cost or free calls on Wi-Fi without jeopardising the price level for GSM calls.

mVoIP calls can be routed through a SIP trunk towards the Mobile Operator MSC. If all calls are routed through the Mobile Operator, there will be no need for billing integration and separate CDRs from the SIP accounts

Emergency calls is made as standard GSM calls which means that there will be no implication on the routing rules towards emergency call centres and the location database used for emergency calls.