application maintenance


We provide Application Maintenance based on ITILv3 processes and all maintenance activities are recorded in service level agreements (SLAs), signed and followed up together with the customer.

The Application Maintenance service may include:

  • Safe storage and management of source code and libraries
  • Configuration management and version control
  • Support, Incident Management, correction and minor adjustments
  • Change managment and development of new functionality
  • Preventive maintenance and release planning
  • Capacity management (including usage and capacity monitoring)

As a customer, you get a service level agreement that specifies which services are provided, how the service is set up, which opening hours are applicable, response times, etc. We also have a separate process to bring new customers and applications into the Maintenance portfolio.

We provide maintenance as an in-house service, however we also deliver resources and/or teams into the customer organization when needed.