IPCO awarded EU Horizon 2020 innovation project

IPCO, an NCE Smart member, has been awarded funding by the prestigious EU Horizon 2020 Open Disruptive Initiative for its “Cloudfone Visitor Service” innovation project.  Of the 1995 European SME applications, IPCO is the only Norwegian SME to receive funding in the ICT topic. The EU award proves IPCO’s highly innovative business plan has the potential to deliver disruptive change to the EU and global telecom markets. The award of 50 000 Euro covers a 5-month project producing a technology demonstrator and a verified business plan.

The Horizon 2020 Open Disruptive Initiative is EU’s scheme to promote innovation capable of fundamentally changing how EU members interact and conduct business. The scheme encourages SMEs and start-ups to apply for financial support of innovative projects.

“IPCO received valuable support from Østfold County, The Research Council of Norway and NCE Smart Energy Markets in its application for the Open Disruptive Initiative. Without this support and help, IPCO would be hard pressed to deliver an application with the necessary quality and accuracy required by the Scheme,” says Ole Jakob Ottestad, President of IPCO AS

“NCE Smart Energy Markets has won several Horizon 2020 projects, both as project participant and coordinator. Its highly prestigious to be awarded a Horizon 2020 project.  This marks the first time one of our SMEs has been awarded EU funding alone,” says Dieter Hirdes, R&D Coordinator of NCE Smart.

Multinational mobile telephony
Increased mobility in Europe has led to increased multinational family and friend connections as well as increased work or holiday homes abroad. With today’s mobile technology, users must choose which mobile number they will be available on. Today, when users move to, frequently visit or have an extended stay in another country, they often wish to use a local number making them unavailable on their country of origin number. IPCO is solving this by developing a service which enables users to be available on several mobile numbers from different countries at the same time.

Solid business idea: IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service
IPCO Cloudfone Visitor Service offers mobile operators the opportunity to sell subscriptions with mobile numbers from different countries on one SIM card. The subscriber will be reachable on both their home mobile number and a local number of the country in which they are working or visiting. Citizens with business in several countries can be set up with mobile numbers from all countries of interest. The SIM card will automatically change to the local number of the current country allowing the user to pay local tariffs without changing SIM cards.

Ole Jakob Ottestad, President IPCO, +47 99576976, ole.jakob.ottestad@ipco.no

IPCO AS from Halden, Norway was established by experienced telecom executives in 2011 with the aim of creating disruptive telecom services for the global market. Since its start, the company has developed and commercialized the IPCO SIM Secured Wi-Fi Calling service, and has commenced development of multinational mobile services. More information on IPCO is available at www.ipco.no.