Konica Minolta contracts IPCO to provide a proof-of-concept VOIP service for Workplace Hub

IPCO, a Norwegian provider of telecom services across the globe, today announced that they have been contracted to build and operate a proof-of-concept platform for voice services for Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub.


Workplace Hub is the world’s most connected intelligent edge platform for the workplace of the future, and represents the next phase of Konica Minolta’s long history in innovation. Acting as a central hub that simplifies IT for an organisation, Workplace Hub drives efficiencies by reducing the overall costs of IT management and service provision, and providing real-time data-driven insights that help to improve business processes.


Konica Minolta have chosen to work with IPCO because of their ability to deliver a high quality service which can be easily integrated into the Workplace Hub environment. “We are excited to work with Konica Minolta on this proof-of-concept”, says Ole Jakob Ottestad, CEO of IPCO. “Konica Minolta is transforming the working environment for businesses across the globe, and we are delighted that they are keen to test out our platform for voice services”. The IPCO proof-of-concept gives Workplace Hub services such as audio calls, voice conferencing, automated switchboards, voicemail, and the possibility for a unified communications experience across mobile and fixed devices.


“We’ve found Konica Minolta to be highly creative and innovative with the design of Workplace Hub” continues Ottestad, “and we are confident that our proof-of-concept platform will prove to be the right choice for a telecom service that is of great value for Workplace Hub customers. And with our platform being built on the reliable technology from Dialogic Inc., there is no doubt that Konica Minolta and IPCO will be able to innovate beyond the proof of concept platform contracted today.”


In support of this, Christian Mastrodonato, Chief Technologist Konica Minolta, states “We are pleased to have found a partner such as IPCO to work with on the proof-of-concept. IPCO has proven they understand our vision, and put the vision to work with a platform that supports our current plans. With the IPCO platform built on the proven Dialogic components, we are confident that IPCO will deliver both innovative and robust services for us to try out. The Workplace Hub offering has been built in collaboration with our customers and from the research we have conducted, we know within the full stack of services telephony services is a key requirement. With IPCO we’ve found a partner that should be able to deliver on this demand”.


“As IPCO’s partner for the supply of the core voice infrastructure for Konica Minolta’s Workplace Hub, Dialogic is excited to be part of this proof-of-concept” says Bill Crank, CEO of Dialogic. “Through our partnership with IPCO we have an extremely competent and innovative organization that we are delighted to support with our range of Powerville Applications, Bordernet SBC’s and XMS Media Servers.  Together with IPCO we will be adding innovative features for Konica Minolta, and we are pleased to be part of this significant new direction for Konica Minolta, as it relates directly to the new strategies we embarked on a just a few years ago”.



About Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is a global digital technology company with core strengths in imaging and data analysis, optics, materials, and nano-fabrication. Through innovation, we create products and digital solutions for the betterment of business and society—today and for generations to come. Across our Business Technologies, Healthcare, and Industrial-facing businesses, we aspire to be an Integral Value Provider that applies the full range of our company’s expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to our customer’s most pressing problems, work with our partners to ensure our solutions are sustainable, anticipate and address tomorrow’s issues, and tailor each solution to meet the unique and specific needs of our valued customers. Leveraging these capabilities, Konica Minolta contributes to productivity improvement and workflow change for our customers, and provides leading-edge service solutions in the IoT era.


Our Workplace Hub business unit is the first step in this next era, underpinned by the effect of Cyber Physical Systems applications, Edge Computing and IoT on the workplace of the future. More information can be found at workplacehub.konicaminolta.com.



About IPCO

Norwegian company IPCO has since 2011 delivered innovative communications services to customers over the globe. IPCO targets Telecom Operators and Service Providers at large with Unified Communication services for communities and small-to-medium businesses. With a range of unified communications services, excellent integration APIs and cost-effective operations, IPCO is well positioned to serve large communities with specific business needs. Please see www.ipco.nofor more information.


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