Communicate with your customers by offering them free calls. Sponsoring your customer’s call generates brand loyalty and also creates a direct line of communication in which to advertise to a captive audience.

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Sponsored call allows brands to offer their customers free calls. We reserve the first 15 seconds prior connecting callers for brands to advertise to consumers in a 15 second audio ad. The brand determine the length of the free call following the ad.

The customer initiate an IPCO Cloudfone Sponsored Calls through an App, via a Website or using a USSD string. The Sponsored Calls system then calls the customer back and plays an audio ad. When the audio ad is finished, the customer is connected to the callee and they can talk for the defined length of the free call. 


IPCO Cloudfone Sponsored Calls fits with a number of use cases, such as:

  • As part of a loyalty program for a brand: Buy a product in a store, get 1 or more free calls
  • As part of a game to leverage brand recognition: Play this game, get 1 or more free calls
  • As part of a retail loyalty program: Download this app, get 10 free calls a month through the app.
  • As part of a reward program: Achieve your goal, get 1 or more free calls


While we have a ready made service to run out of the box, IPCO Cloudfone Sponsored Calls service is highly adaptable and can be tailor-made to your demands. The service is API driven and can be initiated from authenticated endpoints through API calls. 

With our flexible back-end, IPCO can offer a number of digitally Sponsored Items to be provided as part of a campaign instead of audio ads. Examples include additional mobile data, top-up of SMS accounts, coupons etc.


Our IPCO Cloudfone Sponsored Call service is delivered as a cloud service, giving you the option to grow without the need for investments. At the heart of the service is our flexible Campaign manager which distributes the Ads to the customers on defined terms.